Excellent and functional Mldonkey client

XDonkey is a peer to peer (P2P) client which connects to the MLDonkey multi-network. View full description


  • xDonkey is good to find files
  • Advanced search tool


  • Old interface
  • Not updated for a while

Not bad

XDonkey is a peer to peer (P2P) client which connects to the MLDonkey multi-network.

As most other P2P clients for Mac, XDonkey is easy to install and use. It features an advanced search section, where you can enter precise information like keywords, maximum and minimum size, media or format to ensure you find exactly the file you want. The MLDonkey network is generally considered one of the best though and you should normally find what you're looking for.

Although the interface looks rather outdated and the application hasn't been updated in a long while now it still works fine. The tabbed interface keeps sections like transfers, searches, statistics or commands well separated and easy to reach. You can also monitor the download and upload speeds from the bottom left of the interface. Like with other P2P clients, make sure you're connected (by clicking on the Connect button on the top left) before starting any download.

Despite an outdated interface and no updates for a while, XDonkey still remains a good P2P client for Mac which gives you access to the excellent MLDonkey multi-network.


  • [upd] Search : .rar added to search type
  • [bug] Search : Results doubled after "Disconnect/Connect"
  • [upd] Global : Mulus binaries (0.17.4) compatibility
  • [upd] Global : new MLnet binaries (2.6.7)
  • [upd] Servers : Handling of preferred servers
  • [upd] Transfers : Multiple selection from Downloads list available for Pause/Resume, Delete, Save
  • [new] Infos : New "Client" column in source list
  • [new] Statistics : New page for transfer rates graphical stats
  • [new] Search : Complete source number added in "Availability" column (between brackets)
  • [new] Search : Results filter added
  • [upd] Transfers : New calculation for remaining time
  • [upd] Global : GUI 32 protocol integrated
  • [new] Preferences : Download/Upload bandwidth setting
  • [new] Global : Shared folder setting. (Daemon menu --> Shared folders)
  • [bug] Transfers : xDonkey freezes when a file being downloaded is deleted

XDonkey is a graphical user interface (GUI) for Mac OSX written in Cocoa that allows you to control the "mlnet" daemon included inside or a previously installed copy on your mac or local network. XDonkey replaces "mldonkey interface" which was the older project written in RealBasic.

Thanks to XDonkey you can now use Mldonkey (mlnet) with ease, no need to install the daemon, no need to launch it with a script or the Terminal, you control everything from XDonkey, starting/stopping the "mlnet" daemon, organizing temp and download folders, controlling your downloads, search, server lists, diagrammed statistics, complete access to all of "mlnet"’s functions. XDonkey also allows you to personalize the interface (Icons, Chunks...) or to make your own.



XDonkey 1.5